Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is a United States Airlines which is based out of Denver, Colorado, USA. They fly to 80 destinations within USA. The airlines was founded in February 1994 and commenced their operations from the month of July of the same year. They have been in operation for 20 plus years now. There are 4 key cities of Frontier Airlines at Cleveland; Ohio, Trenton; New Jersey, near Washington D.C and Chicago, Illinois. They also fly to Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico.

They started off with Boeing 737 Jetliners and in 2000 became an airbus fleet. By 2005 the entire fleet of Frontier Airlines consisted of Airbus 318 and 319. The airline considers its USP as being a low fare travel flights. They currently have 18 Airbus 320’s and 35 Airbus 319’s.

They have in the past have been in the news for going bankrupt. However an acquisition by Republic Airways pulled them up. Eventually the airline was sold to Indigo Partners for $ 145 million. Their specific aim being to run it is a low cost carrier flight. The Headquarter of the Frontier airlines remains the same, which is Denver.

Theme of the Frontier Airlines

During the conceptualization of the marketing strategy of the airlines, the stakeholders wanted to come up with something that would set them apart from other airlines. Hence, after lot of discussions it was decided that “wildlife” would be the theme of the airline. Hence one can often notice a wild animal poster on the tail of the plane. They now have 50 different animal photographs on the tail of their planes. On the Facebook page they show a plane with a bear poster on its tale.

The Unique Selling Point

The Frontier Airlines prides itself for its low fare flight options that it offers to its flyers. Their fare prices are quiet low as compared to most of the airlines within the United States. They offer a wide range of options to its flyers wherein they can customize their travel. They have the option of adding and subtracting amenities that they want as per their wish and desire.

Access to the Frontier Airlines

The airline can be approached through various channels. You can dial the customer care service number 800-432-1359. The airline officials at the service center will address your needs regarding ticket bookings, latest deals, flight status and any other queries to be made. You can also approach the official travel agents of the airline. You can find their details on the website. Also any flyer can reach out the Frontier airline desk at the airport. The airline official would gladly help its customers regarding any queries. Also they will let you know the latest offers and deals available. They will also guide you through the Frontier airline mileage program. With the easy access of internet at most of places you can also visit the Frontier airline website. The website is easy to understand and maneuver around. The website has all the information that a flyer would need. It covers the a to z of the company and how to plan your travel.

Frequent Flier Program

A frequent flier program is the most important feature that an airline provides to its customers. It is a special privilege that an airline offers to its customers who travel often. While it gets very expensive for people to travel, the airline tries to compensate to them by offering them some special deals and privileges. The frequent flier program of Frontier Airlines is popularly known as Easy Returns. The airline is known to offer one of the lowest redemption for frequent fliers. Generally the concept is if an individual flies a certain number of miles he/ she gets some points which can be redeemed later. A lot of flights offer discounts on the flight ticket as well. Frontier Airlines offer a roundtrip within the country after 20000 miles. The miles are earned on the basis of the number of miles flown with them. Also, flyers get extra miles if they utilize any of the programs offered by their partners like hotels, car rental agencies or a Frontier Airlines Master Card.

Corporate Business Offers

The airline offers business discounts to small and medium sized companies. The corporate business program of Frontier Airlines is known as Business TRACKS. Through this the corporates get their own portals through which they can book tickets, get special customized offers, maintain travel booking and accounts history. They offer 3% rebate. For those company who travel quiet often there is a special program known as corporate discount program. This is for companies which have more than 30 roundtrips a month. Corporate programs are for companies that spend more than $2500 annually.

Frontier Airlines Website

For those looking to book in this airline, they have the option to directly book through the company website. The airline web address is It is a simple and easy to understand and maneuver through the website from one page to another.

On the main page you will find the plan and book, manage travel, ways to save and travel information on the top most bar. The website also shows the latest travel deals that the airline has to offer to its customers. It gives its customers a special advantage wherein they can choose their flight requirements on their own. If for example a flyer wants a0020stretch seating upgrade he can pay $15 and get it while on the other he can choose a normal seat and not pay any extra charges. Also, if a flyer signs up himself on the Frontier airlines website, he would get emails and messages on regular basis regarding ongoing deals and special offers.

Plan and Book a flight

You have various options to book a flight from Frontier airlines. You can go to the airport and book your tickets. Else you can also go online and book your tickets. With the ease with which internet access is available these days and with the availability of credit cards one can easily book tickets online from . Once on the website you will get 4 options on the topmost bar. Select “Book a flight option”. You would then need to fill in the option of round trip or multi city trip. You would be required to fill in the details, from and to destination. Post that you are to fill departure date and return date. Your will get the option for finding flights or redeeming miles. When you find flights you will get various options of flights of different timings. Depending on your schedule you can choose flight. You also have the option of buying fight tickets at discounted rates way in advance, condition being you have to book ticket on the given mentioned days.

Check in

You have the option to check- in online. All you have to do is log in to the website of Frontier airlines. Click on the option of Check- in. you need to have handy your reservation code (mentioned on your ticket) and your last name mentioned on the ticket.

Flight Status

The flight status can be either checked by calling the customer care service or by visiting their website the phone number for Frontier airlines customer care service is mentioned in the section below on customer service. You can also visit their website ( and click on the flight status option. For the flight status you need to furnish the following details: If you chose by destination then, Day of travel, flying from and flying to.

If you choose to check your flight status by flight number then you need to fill in the details about the day of travel and the flight number.

Retrieving Reservation

In case you need to check your reservation details you need to enter your reservation code and the last name.

Baggage Policy

The baggage policy of Frontier Airlines is a little different from most of airlines. This is because the lesser you carry the cheaper it is. The baggage is a way of making the travel for a flyer more reasonably low. The first checked in bag will fall cheaper as compared to a carry- on bag. The airline offers two options for baggage rates. One being classic plus and the other being economy. There are also special fares namely Ascent and Summit for people who have enrolled themselves in the special mileage program “Early Returns”. Under most circumstances for those flying under the mileage program the baggage is free until it’s the third one you might be charged. For those falling into the category of classic plus and economy they have to pay price ranging $ 20 to $ 80. The classic plus still gives the option of free baggage however economy doesn’t. Any item that extends 62 inches in linear length or weighs more than 50 pounds will attract an extra baggage fee. For overweight luggage a flyer will have to pay $ 75 and the same rate applies for an oversized luggage that is $ 75. Also they do not allow any baggage weighing more than 110 pounds or exceeding more than 110 linear inches. It is advised not to pack important and fragile items in the check in baggage. This would include important documents, cash, jewelry, laptops, medicines, car keys, glass items, other electronics etc. ideally you must check in baggage well in advance. However as per rules you can check in your baggage at the Frontier airlines counter only as late as 45 minutes prior to departure for domestic travel and 60 minutes prior departure for international flights.

Deals and special offers

For customers these days it is important to offer deals and offers so that they choose that product again and again. Similarly, Frontier airlines has several special offers and deals lined up for its customers. All the customer has to do is to subscribe to the website by entering their email id or phone number. The customer will get regular notifications about the ongoing offers and deals that the airline has to offer. Often customers like grabbing such opportunities.

Frontier Airlines World Master Card

All this master card costs is $69 annually and it comes up with a bouquet of offers. You can earn up to 40000 miles after spending $1000 in making purchases in a period of 3 months. For every dollar spent at the website the flyer earns 2 miles. Also you don’t need to pay at all for when you book an award ticket. That is if you use this card. There are no blackout dates for award seats that are offered by the airlines. You earn 10000 miles after making your first purchase.

Option to save

The Frontier airlines prides itself for offering the lowest fares to its flyers. Apart from the low fares that it offers, the airline also gives advises to its customers to fly at lowest cost possible. You can discover the low rates by calling the customer service. Also if you go through the airline website you will notice a tab with the name “ways to save”. It will give you multiple options to check the best and cheapest deals for the flyer. One of the option is online deals. Once you click on that link, you will get all the deals available online. You can go ahead and choose the best option f or yourself according to your budget and schedule. You can also subscribe to emails. Through emails you will get regular mailers from Frontier airlines about the latest travel specials, deals and offers. Their Frequent Flyer program known as Early returns mileage program offers excellent offers to its flyers. This is an excellent proposal for those who fly frequently and booking the tickets often is burning a hole in their pockets. As discussed above you also have the option of registering yourself with a Frontier Master card. You can earn up to 40000 bonus miles for making of purchases up to $ 1000 but within 90 days.

Pet Travelling

The Frontier Airlines allow flyers to carry their pets along not only domestically but internationally with the only exception being Jamaica. The airline charges one way directional fees which is assessed by the airline authorities. Usually the fees for classic plus and economy travelers is $ 75. Only one pet is allowed per flyer. For flying a pet one has to make advance booking as each flight allows only 10 containers. Just a few domesticated pets are allowed on the plane like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters or small birds. For international flights you can carry only cats and dogs. If the pet is being carried in a container, it will be counted as carry-on baggage or personal item.

Firearms and ammunition

Firearms and ammunition is a serious matter for the airlines. While of course people have the right to own arms and ammunition but carrying it on the planes can be a risky and dangerous affair. Hence the Frontier airlines is very strict about their fire arms and ammunitions policy. They advise the flyer to comply with the area rules of the government and local legal bodies before transporting the arms and ammunitions. It is highly possibly the arms may get checked in at one airport and at the destination airport it may not be allowed. For flights within the United States, hunting rifles, shot guns, and ammunitions may be permitted by flyers aged 18 and above. It is clearly stated by the airlines that fire arms are not allowed on international flights. It is possible that it may get checked-in but will not be allowed at the other airport. The flyer needs to get the fire arms unloaded and then checked by the airline representative. The fire arm should be locked in a proper container. It should be packed in a way that it cannot be accessible to anyone but the flyer. A loose packing will be rejected by the airlines.

Customer Service

The Frontier Airlines has a decent customer service. Customer service is very important for an airline industry as it is a service industry. Here the customers often need help and assistance. The flyer may need assistance in booking tickets or to know special discounts or to know about the flight status etc. as discussed many queries can pop up at any time, hence it is important to have a strong customer service base. The customer service desk on being called will offer assistance on bouquet of issues. Some of them are mentioned below along with their number:
1. They offer the lowest fare available at the time when the customer calls unless there are special requirements like refundable tickets. If the tickets are booked on the call itself or from their desk they will offer the flyer the lowest rates available. The customer care number is 800-432-1359. They are bound to offer you the best deals if you are flexible about your travel time and schedule.
2. You can get full refund of your booked ticket if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking the ticket from the counter.
3. Sometimes in some unfortunate circumstances there is a delay in receiving the baggage on arrival at the destination. Frontier airlines ideally ensures that the flyers get their baggage on time. However if the flyer realizes that the luggage has not arrived he/ she can approach their Baggage Service Office. This office can be found either in the Baggage Claim Area or the Frontier Airlines ticket counter. The representative of the airline creates a tracing file and updates the customer regarding his baggage status on a timely basis.
4. The airline also offers excellent service for flyers with special needs. The flier can inform the airline about the requirements through phone 800- 432-1359 or mail their requirements at . The airline offers the flyer assistance in getting onto the plane, getting off it. They also offer assistance in carting the luggage.
5. They inform you about the airline travel policies like making reservations, cancellations, products and services.
6. Customers can also give feedback on 800-432-1359. The flyers can send their complaints through mails on Flyers can send written complaints at:
Frontier Airlines Inc.
Attn: Customer Relations
PO Box 492085
Denver, CO 80249
7. They will also inform and update you about the latest flight status.

Recent Added Services

They have recently started flying from Atlanta to Austin, Indianapolis and Miami. They have also started a flight from Washington-Dulles to Austin. They also now have a flight from Indianapolis to Miami.

Poppin’ Hot Fares

Poppin’ Hot Fares is a service offered by Frontier Airlines for its customers. It is a new marketing technique that they have rolled to inform customers about the latest discounts and offers. You can buy the tickets of future travel at very low discounted rates, however you have to buy the ticket in a specific duration of time of few days.

Social Media Presence

The Frontier Airlines has made its presence over all major social platforms. Flyers can follow their pages and groups and be updated about the latest offers that they have to offer. They are on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and you tube. On Facebook one can find them by the name of Frontier Airlines. On twitter they are present by the name of @FlyFrontier.

Frontier Airlines in News

The Frontier Airlines has off and on been in news. They have been in news for being low fare flights. Then they were in news for being bankrupt, eventually being bought by Indigo Partners LLC. Its main aim being to make it an ultra- low – cost – carrier aircraft. Recently they have been in the news for outsourcing one third of its staff. The airline is planning to outsource 1300 workers. Instead of them they are planning to bring in contract workers. It comes as a surprise since the company is making good profits and the ramp down comes as a wonder to everyone.